I started playing in a band again. This is the result of 4 months of messing around with some of my best friends, and 2 days in the studio.

If you like to drink on a cool summer night and dance your ass off, you might want to give this a listen.

FFO: Nothing, MBV, Slowdive, The Cure,…

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Some of the ex-Midnight Souls doing a new band. Definitely worth your time.


Midnight Souls - ‘Always’ 7” - #89/300 transparent silver vinyl.



I was cursed with flawless imperfections. I held onto life with fumbling hands. And I broke every promise before it was made. I never tried making amends, until it all was far too late. Rip out every page and close the books on me. Gather up my wasted years and throw them all away. Because I’m dead flowers on abandoned graves. I’m a black cloud looming, I’m the pouring rain. I’m the knife stuck in my own back. I’m the noose wrapped around my neck. I did this to myself. I’m taking walks down history and keep choking on apologies, that I locked behind closed lips but I can’t stand the taste in my mouth. So I keep coughing up cold breath and puking out love. Pawn myself to the Friday lights but I know that it’s never enough. I keep dragging myself down. I am losing “me”. I don’t remember “me”.

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I’m on a twelve-step program 
To quitting me 
These are the last words I’ll ever sing 
And then I’m history 

Fuck you 
I hate you 
I hate you 
I love you 

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Midnight Souls - Going Through The Motions

Some amazing Midnight Souls inspired paint by our friend Josh. Go check out his band. They’re probably the best thing you’ll hear all day.


Still not wanted here; forever haunted here.

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This is what our Farewell show looked like. We can’t express our gratitude enough. Thank you all for making it such a memorable night. Please support local bands and be kind to eachother. Farewell.

You can find the full set here.


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Video editing of the Midnight Souls Farewell show has started. It’s a bunch of work but we’ll try and get everything ready as soon as possible. Stay tuned kids!