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REALLY looking forward to playing in belgium again!


Flood Floorshow 31st of May - JH Zenith

The Tidal Sleep (DE -

We Had A Deal (DE -

Atlas (BE -

JH Zenith, Otterstraat 58, 9200 Dendermonde
Price: €5 (Incl 1 FREE DRINK!)
DOORS: 19h00
ENDS: around 22h00

Facebook Event:

Our German buddies in The Tidal Sleep are playing with our Belgian buddies in Atlas, set up by our other Belgian buddies over at Flood Floorshows. It’s like a Youth Of Today song or something.

See you guys on friday!

A bunch of our friends/awesome bands and us are on this awesome comp. So happy to be on there alongside Together, The Tidal Sleep, Gnarwolves, Birds In Row, Nai Harvest and so much more awesome bands. Check it out.

The Love Collection 2012;
For every 10 copies sold I will be donating a day of my time (Aswell as the money, duhhhhh), so 10 copies equals a 9 hour shift at a charity organisation (Shop, space, kitchen, etc, this is all getting sorted atm).
3 different covers to choose from and a ton of extras once again from various people, etc etc. All proceeds go to Oxfam and Amnesty

The Love Collection will be available starting this sunday over at L’Amour Records.

check out our new EP. ›

Want to listen to something awesome? Go check out The Tidal Sleep’s new EP. They start their tour with Xerxes tonight. We’re hooking up with them on sunday. Can’t wait.


THE LOVE COLLECTION - please check out any band you haven’t heard of, or just wait until the comp comes out and be pleasantly surprised! This is less than half of the bands on the comp.

Charities will be announced soon, i’m putting a lot of thought into them, and want them to be perfect.


EDIT; Blowgoat and Up River are on it too.

We’re on a charitycomp with our friends in Together and The Tidal Sleep and a bunch more awesome bands on top of that. Look for a release soon.

Viva Love.


2 more weeks until Xerxes hits mainland Europe!

In a few weeks we´ll be meeting up with Xerxes and our friends in The Tidal Sleep. We can not wait.


finally some action in this “illustration” blog, have been working a summer job, and being sick haven’t left me much time drawing anything. But this one i’ve had finished a long time and i’ve been itching to put it online!

Make sure to come by if you can!

We are finally meeting up with our friends in Xerxes in September. We can not wait to finally play with them. They’ll be on tour with The Tidal Sleep who are amazing. Everyone should come down to this show because it’s going to be worth your while.

We are playing Vlamrock this saturday. The lineup is stacked with great bands. Defeater, Pianos Become The Teeth, Loma Prieta, Code Orange Kids, The Tidal Sleep and so much more.

Also, this will be the last time we’ll be sharing a lineup with our friends in Ritual. Everyone come down early to check them out.

See you there kids.

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We are extremely excited to announce that we just got added to the lineup of this year’s New Noise Festival in Karlsruhe. We’ll be playing alongside some amazing bands including Defeater, Birds In Row, Code Orange Kids, The Tidal Sleep, Trainwreck, No Turning Back and so much more.

We can’t wait to be back in Germany. We’ll see you in little under two weeks!


This is gonna be SO FUCKING AWESOME.

Hangouts with a bunch of cool people I met these last few months and great music all day.

The lineup for this is pretty amazing. So many great bands playing. We can’t wait.


Recent purchases.

Joie de Vivre - The North End

The Tidal Sleep - S/T (Amazing post/wave/rock/core whatever. Give this a listen).

The Host Sepia/Nimbuscloud/Semieonaside split 12” (This came with a sealed envelope with a train ticket in from 2002. Weird and kinda’ cool).

Run For Your Fucking Life - Fast American hardcore before it was cool

Midnight Souls - Going Through the Motions

I Am A Curse - Prequel For An Unforgiving Wreckage

Cornwall forever.